2021: An Amazing Year No Matter How You Slice it!

2021 was an amazing year for Premier One, and we hope it was for you as well! It was a year full of change as well as some adversity across the industry. It was a year of adaptation during a lingering pandemic, but some “normalcy” began to return (such as trade conferences and a return to the work in the office for some). It was an exciting year for M&A activity—and the challenges of the ensuing integrations between existing businesses. And it was also a year for advancement and progress. We believe the seeds have been planted for a dramatic upswing in automation and tech upgrades for title businesses across the country in the coming months and years.

Here are a few of the most noteworthy occurrences

New beginnings

Premier One was proud to assist, and in many cases, add to our family a significant number of title agencies victimized by a sophisticated ransomware attack which paralyzed their access to some or, in many cases, all of their data, bringing their businesses to a standstill. We’re proud of the record-breaking timeframes during which we could bring them back online and get them back into business.

Learning from the past

2021 may end up being considered by some to be the year the title industry got its first wide scale taste of the impact of ransomware and fraud. We met many agencies that had little or no security in place prior to the summer, and we’re pleased to say we helped many more agencies stave off attacks as well. We’ve been working hard to promote aggressive cybersecurity strategies, and we noticed a lot less resistance or hesitance in the last months of the year. In fact, throughout 2021, Premier One released multiple security packages that can be applied to protect our existing clients as well as clients that are managed by other MSPs. Our focus is always security first and we’re always working to provide as much protection as we can.

A growing footprint

Premier One was honored to win the most new clients we’ve ever had this year. We were also truly blessed to gain clients nationwide, giving us an even more dense national geographic footprint. That led to record numbers of new professionals joining our own team internally. It also fueled a great number of new partnerships and strengthened existing partnership with national brands such as Blackpoint Cyber, Barracuda and Watch Guard. We were again grateful for the opportunity to share the various Microsoft brands and tools (Azure, 365) and ways to optimize them with our clients as well.

Sharing and educating

Premier One made a special effort in 2021 to offer more informational and educational resources than ever before. In fact, this blog is one of many new channels we’ll be using increasingly to share what we’re seeing out there, including emerging threats and tips to maximize performance and minimize the threat of cybercrime or fraud. We also unveiled our new podcast series, the TechExec, as a guide to technology for business leaders. Expect to see us grow and expand both channels in 2022 as we seek to spread the word throughout the title industry!

2021: By the numbers

They say that numbers never lie. In 2021, Premier One…

  • Hired 15 new employees
  • Experienced 40% growth via new business
  • Earned an average customer satisfaction score (CSTAT) of 97%
  • Closed 32,364 (124 per day) service tickets, helping to get our clients back to maximum productivity.
  • Helped 70+ businesses to expand their WFH capabilities and the correlated security.

All of this should lead to a busy and productive 2022, for Premier One and our clients, friends and partners. We look forward to being of continued service to you, and forward to another year of growth, productivity, security and success!

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