How Closinglock Optimizes Transaction Security and Efficiency in the Title Industry

Fraud is a topic of real concern in the real estate industry. Various schemes, such as phishing and business email compromises (BEC), target unsuspecting victims and cause substantial financial losses. In 2023 alone, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reported $2.9 billion in losses due to BEC.

Business email compromises are not isolated fraud attempts but major sources of real estate scams. Many sensitive communications and documents are exchanged via email, leaving them susceptible to interception or spoofing. Fraudsters capitalize on these vulnerabilities within disjointed real estate processes and inadequate identity verification measures.

Fraud can manifest in various forms, including phishing scams, wire fraud, and identity theft, each capable of derailing a transaction and causing extensive financial damage. Fraudsters hack emails to intercept and alter wire transfer instructions to divert funds to their own accounts. They also impersonate legitimate sellers or trusted parties to trick buyers into sending funds or sensitive information.

As fraudulent schemes evolve, the need for advanced, integrated technology solutions to secure every facet of the closing process has become imperative. Title companies, law firms, and financial service providers require robust tools to both secure the closing process and enhance operational efficiency.

Closinglock supports title agents, attorneys, buyers, and sellers throughout the transaction process. We help our stakeholders overcome critical challenges, such as wire fraud, payoff fraud, and seller impersonation, by modernizing the transfer of funds and information. This streamlines and secures the closing process and addresses the vulnerabilities that have historically been exploited by fraudsters.

Explore how Closinglock’s advanced solutions can transform your fraud prevention strategies and streamline closing processes in this article.

Closinglock Offers Security and Efficiency for Title Professionals

Real estate closings are susceptible to scams due to their complexity and the multiple stakeholders involved in the procedure. Real estate scams such as business email compromise (BEC) and wire fraud, exploit gaps in the process to steal identities and divert funds. Seller impersonation is another costly form of fraud that is on the rise, typically targeting vacant land, second homes, vacation properties, and rental properties.

In August 2023, a Connecticut landowner reported that a $1.5 million home was constructed on his vacant lot following a fraudulent sale to a property developer. The perpetrator impersonated the landowner, listing, marketing, and selling the property undetected. This incident resulted in lawsuits including those against the real estate professionals who facilitated the closing process.

Scams like this not only cause financial harm but also damage the overall trust in the real estate market.

Addressing and mitigating these issues effectively require regulatory oversight, enforcement, consumer education, and, crucially, technological solutions that enhance transaction security.

Closinglock tackles these concerns by equipping title professionals with a suite of tools that streamline and secure the closing process all in one place.

The platform prioritizes security by meeting Type 2 SOC 2 controls and simplifies the user experience with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This requires no registration, apps, or passwords. It also offers Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities for enhanced access control.

“Closinglock is dedicated to enhancing the transaction experience for settlement companies and their clients by focusing on minimizing the risk of loss and reducing operational overhead.”

Sushma Zoellner, Chief Product Officer of Closinglock

Aside from security, Closinglock places a strong emphasis on efficiency by consolidating the tech stack and streamlining workflows for title professionals. This makes it easier for users to navigate the system and reduces the need to switch between applications. This is also more cost-effective compared to managing multiple systems.

The platform achieves this through seamless integration with title production software, such as SoftPro, Resware, and RamQuest, to ensure all systems work together smoothly and effectively.  Additionally, Closinglock offers comprehensive usage reporting tools to monitor and refine operations for optimal performance.

Closinglock Ensures Fraud-free Transactions on a Single Platform

The average loss for small businesses from fraud is $150,000. The stakes are even higher in the real estate industry, where large sums of money are routinely transferred.

Title companies need to adopt robust security measures, including advanced verification processes and secure communication protocols, to safeguard against fraud and protect their clients.

Here’s a closer look at how Closinglock tackles fraud prevention for the title industry:

  • Identity Verification (IDV): Closinglock protects all stakeholders with instant and accurate identity verification to prevent impersonation and fraud.
  • Good Funds Payments: Facilitate the receipt of earnest money deposits and cash-to-close as Good Funds. This ensures secure and compliant financial transactions.
  • Wire Instructions: Enable the secure sending and receiving of wire instructions through a dedicated portal to protect transaction details from unauthorized access.
  • Payoff Verification: Allow real-time confirmation of loan payoff accounts and routing numbers. This reduces the risk of fraudulent account manipulation.
  • Document Sharing: Enhance document handling security and efficiency by facilitating secure exchanges with clients and providing real-time status updates.
  • eSigning: Simplify the signing process with secure, government-compliant eSignatures that are legally binding.

Closinglock has successfully safeguarded over $250 billion in transactions for its clients across all 50 states. The platform’s comprehensive approach to fraud prevention ensures that every aspect of the closing process is protected and simplified.

Streamline Your Security and Transactions with Closinglock!

Addressing fraud is complex and unpredictable, with fraudsters constantly changing their targets and tactics. It’s essential to adapt and equip your title company with tools that are specifically designed to anticipate the challenges.

“Fraud continues to evolve in the real estate industry and we’re proud to be at the forefront of preventing it. We will continue to invest to make sure people are able to transact real estate in a safe and efficient manner.” 

Andy White, Ph.D Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Closinglock

Closinglock features  a unified platform that streamlines the closing process for both industry professionals and their clients. It offers tailored solutions and a robust mechanism to safeguard procedures. 

With Closinglock, you can achieve a higher standard in your transaction security and management.

Ready for a fraud-free and efficient closing process? Learn more about Closinglock today!

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