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Our Specializations

We do everything well, but there are a few things that set us apart from the rest.

We serve a large variety of clients, from small businesses to larger enterprise-level clients, and everyone in between. Some companies work in specific sectors and need specific expertise. Here are a few of the areas we specialize in to help these type of clients.

Title Insurance companies have some unique challenges when it comes to their information technology and software – and Premier One is uniquely qualified to understand and help support title companies in several ways.
  • Premier One has a SSAE 16 (SOC) 2 Type II certification.
  • Premier One has extensive knowledge of and experience with RamQuest, SoftPro and ResWare software systems.

We understand the strict regulations banks and credit unions must implement when it comes to IT. Not only that, we are SSAE 16 (SOC) 2 Type II compliant so we can work as your IT team right alongside you to ensure your compliance with those strict industry guidelines and best practices. We understand the banking industry and know how to keep your business secure.

From legal to accounting, from PR to consultancy, one thing professional service companies have in common is demanding clients and deadlines. Having a solid, consistent and secure IT infrastructure with a reliable team of help desk professionals will keep you focused on what you do best – meeting the needs and demands of your clients, and that’s what we offer at Premier One.

At Premier One we specialize in connecting your teams across the country through technology. We have experience working with companies who sometimes have more than 40 offices spread throughout the U.S. Let us help keep you connected through our technology solutions.

Cloud-Based Solutions

We also specialize in cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based options can increase your company's productivity and efficiency while lowering equipment and storage costs. We offer many cloud services including:

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Tech Support

We offer a wide variety of tech support services for all clients. Our tech support team is composed of real, local people- not robots, answering services, or someone in a different time zone.

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Rapid Response Support

Premier One provides rapid and accurate help when your employees call or create a support ticket.

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24/7 Monitoring

We monitor your computers and servers remotely via installed software to detect problems as they occur.

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Remote maintenance keeps your computers and network performing at their best with no user intervention.

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Hardware Support

We supply and deploy all kinds of hardware- from keyboards to firewalls to local servers- we have what you need.

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We can design and install your company's network. Wireless or wired, we make sure your network is secure and fast.

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Backup Solutions

Data is precious. We offer multiple redundant backups with onsite and offsite storage services.

Software Support

As a Microsoft Gold Partner we offer support for Microsoft 365, Azure, and of course Windows. In addition we specialize in several title industry programs as well as many other applications including cloud based applications.

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Microsoft 365

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Quick Books

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Cloud Based Software

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Microsoft Windows

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Many More


Every year, companies lose thousands and thousands of dollars to cyber attacks designed to steal money and data. Our team of security experts focus on prevention over recovery to save you time and money.

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Security Analysis

Let us analyze your network for weak points and help you make your network stronger and more secure.

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Virus Protection

Protect your computers and data from outside threats such as viruses, spyware, botnets, and phishing.

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We proudly deploy WatchGuard devices and technologies including firewalls to protect your company's network.


Barracuda Spam Filtering

We partner with Barracuda to protect against spam, phishing, and DoS attacks via email.

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Ransomware is on the rise and the best solution is prevention. We help minimize the risk of this kind of attack.

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Content Filtering

Filter harmful and explicit content on your network. Limit the use of social media and other non approved content.


Our group of experts have experience and knowledge in a wide range of specialties. Let us provide our expertise and develop solutions to your tech barriers. No problem is unsolvable.

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Tailored Document Management

Let us help you organize or digitize your file system. Find the file you need and the version you need in less time.

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Internet Optimization

Find the best internet solution for your company. Determine your bandwidth requirements and get the best price.

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Remote Workforce

Working from home is becoming the new norm. We can help you streamline and implement this process.

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Data Cabling

We help find the best local Data Cabling solutions for your company and ensure they meet your needs and budget.

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Vendor Management

Having trouble finding reliable vendors? With a large network of vetted vendors we can offer sound advice for your company.

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Stay productive and online even on the move. We offer a variety of mobility services and solutions.

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