TechExec – A Business Leader’s Guide to Technology

Are you a business leader looking to get straight answers about technology without having to cut through all the technical jargon? Then Premier One has a new FREE resource you’re going to love. 

Premier One is excited to introduce a new podcast called TechExec: A Business Leader’s Guide to Technology. Co-hosted by Premier One CTO Chris Hamm and COO Kevin Nincehelser, this podcast is designed to discuss real world technology concepts as they pertain to small businesses. This show is not geared towards IT techs and systems administrators. Instead, it’s created specifically with managers, executives, and business leaders in mind.

Chris presents fundamental technology principles that an organization’s leaders need to know while Kevin frames the discussion around how those concepts drive day-to-day decisions and affect business outcomes. Together, the TechExec Duo brings a blend of business and technology expertise based on many years of direct experience. 

In this podcast, expect to have questions answered like the following: 

  • How should I plan for a return of my employees to the office? 
  • What is an internet domain name and why does it matter? 
  • Can I get rid of the servers in my IT closet and move everything to
  • the cloud? 
  • How would the launch of a new website break my email? 
  • and much more! 

This podcast is completely free, completely no-strings-attached, and completely full of useful information you won’t want to miss. 

To listen and subscribe, simply do one of the following: 

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