5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Are Leveraging Dallas IT Services

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Although they may not receive as much attention as major corporations, they’re crucial to the country’s economic success. However, they may not have the same resources as enterprises to combat the rising tide of cyber threats and manage their internal growth needs.

For businesses in Dallas, Texas, these needs for IT support are even more applicable. One report ranked the Dallas region #1 for small business employment growth in May, 2023. Small businesses are also held to the same legal and regulatory standards as larger corporations, creating more challenges in meeting these obligations with their limited resources.

To accommodate new risks and scale while meeting legal standards, many businesses are turning to Dallas IT services for extra support. Below, we dig into the exact reasons why – and why your business might want to consider doing the same.

#1. Dallas IT Services Help Boost Cybersecurity

Businesses of any size face an increased risk of data breaches as the technology and bad actor strategies evolve, and those in Texas are no exception. In fact, 61% of SMBs were the target of a cyber attack in 2021 – a sobering statistic.

Still, small Dallas businesses can use IT services to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and proactively mitigate risk. IT providers are skilled in implementing advanced security measures such as endpoint security, cloud data backups, and web filtering.

Not only do these tactics help protect against an actual attack, but they also assist companies meet cybersecurity insurance requirements. By taking extra measures to safeguard sensitive information, businesses can lower their cyber insurance premiums.

#2. Cost-Effective Way to Manage Security

Many small businesses know where they need IT support, but lack the budget and internal resources to accommodate it. Unlike large corporations, smaller businesses often have a smaller budget when it comes to in-house IT infrastructure and cybersecurity.

Outsourcing IT allows small businesses to access the latest technology and their professionals without the upfront costs associated with acquiring and implementing new tech. The resources provided by outsourcing are particularly important for businesses that don’t have the capital to invest in expensive hardware, software, or full-time professionals.

Small companies have found that IT support levels the playing field by allocating the right number of resources where they have IT-related gaps. This tactical approach not only saves on costs, but also offers greater flexibility.

#3. Greater Scalability and Flexibility

When you’re running IT at a small to medium-sized business, juggling everything on your own can be challenging. It’s not surprising that, according to a recent study, 80% of small businesses outsourced something in 2021. When it comes to Dallas IT services, IT managers get the benefits of scalability and flexibility as motivating factors to outsource their mundane, routine tasks.

Smaller companies also benefit from outsourced IT because it can adapt to their changing business needs. As small businesses grow and expand, their IT requirements become more complex, making in-house management difficult to keep up with the latest technology.

With managed IT services, your security solutions can pivot as your needs increase, such as:

  • Adding or removing users from a system as needed.
  • Updating hardware or software to keep up with changing needs.
  • Providing support for remote workers or multiple office locations.
  • Creating customized solutions to meet growing business needs.

The right IT support at the right time can be a saving-grace for business operations as they expand. While managed IT services offer scalability, flexibility, and peace of mind in the present, that confidence extends into the future when coupled with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

#4. Improved Business Continuity with Layered Security

Every year, companies lose hundreds, if not millions, of dollars to cyber attacks. However, smaller companies may have a harder time reacting to these disasters. From cyber attacks to natural technology breakdowns, every business needs to have a layered security plan in place for smooth operations in the face of adversity.

Managed IT services can help smaller Dallas businesses establish a MDR and EDR protection plan. EDR is designed to prevent and mitigate threats at their entry point, while MDR flags any anomalies in your system. Both will help ensure minimal disruption and downtime in the event of breach.

When a small business has a solid proactive plan in place, that’s confidence that can’t be bought. As the average recovery time for a business after a cyber attack is 279 days, many Dallas businesses are turning to outside help to ensure they can avoid that downtime.

Small businesses in Texas face unique challenges when it comes to managing their IT infrastructure during this period of economic growth. Some businesses lack the resources to effectively protect against the growing cybersecurity threats, making outsourced IT security a smart investment.

#5. Immediate Access to IT Expertise

Managed IT services have a wealth of knowledge and experience in various IT domains such as cybersecurity, password managing, and cloud backups. Small businesses can use a partnership to tap into the expertise of these providers. For example, our IT experts provide insights into the latest industry trends, best practices, and advice on the technologies that best fit our client’s needs.

By leveraging Dallas IT services, your business can get a team of professionals who specialize in security, all while ensuring their data is protected.

Does Your Business Need IT Support?

Using IT services in Dallas can provide businesses with a wide range of benefits, including improved cybersecurity posture with the ability to grow. As these smaller businesses face unique challenges while they scale, managed IT services help level the playing field and keep things competitive.

IT experts not only bolster security, but they do it in a cost-effective way that’s easy to implement and upgrade as needed. This advantage keeps business operations agile and ready to adapt to a constantly evolving digital world.

Premier One offers managed IT services tailored to the unique needs of each business in Dallas and beyond. We understand the challenges small businesses face, and we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve with the latest IT solutions. From cybersecurity to cloud support, our team takes a full approach to help you succeed.

Learn how we can help your business today!

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