NS3 Conference Summary: 2023

The 19th annual National Settlement Services Summit (NS3) was held from June 6-8th in 2023. Over the course of three days, real estate professionals gathered from across the nation!


Whether you attended the event or you couldn’t make it this year, we’ve put together a quick summary of the NS3 conference for your convenience. Our team heard many hot topics that we’re eager to share, like real-time payments, cybersecurity, and more!

The Complete NS3 Conference Summary:

The NS3 conference this year was a significant event for the title insurance industry, hosting a multitude of insightful discussions and networking opportunities. We were delighted to meet our clients and partners in person, which allowed us to foster strong relationships and continue working towards a common goal of improving and securing the title insurance industry.

Several key topics emerged as prominent themes at the conference:

Attorney Opinion Letters (AOL)

This was one of the most-discussed topics this year as the title insurance community expressed concerns regarding the evolving role of AOLs in title insurance. Participants critically examined how AOLs could impact underwriting decisions and risk management, and many concluded that they might not be beneficial. 

The increasing complexity of transactions has led to a greater need for comprehensive AOLs to mitigate potential legal risks and uncertainties; however, the title insurance community remains skeptical about their effectiveness.

Real-Time Payments (RTP)

The rise of RTP in the title insurance industry is promising a paradigm shift in payment processing. The discussions centered around the benefits of RTP such as speed, efficiency, and transparency in transactions. However, there were also concerns about potential challenges, including those related to fraud prevention and the integration with existing systems.

Wire Fraud

A perennial topic at title conferences, wire fraud, was discussed extensively. Strategies to mitigate risks, improve customer education, and implement robust security measures were among the primary discussions. Experts shared best practices and innovative solutions to prevent these incidents and maintain the trustworthiness of the title insurance industry.

If you want to learn more about real estate wire fraud (REWF), check out this article by our IT experts.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This year, the title insurance industry witnessed a growing interest in the adoption of AI, recognizing its potential for various applications such as operational efficiency and cybersecurity. However, amidst the discussions, participants emphasized the critical need for quality control over AI systems. While AI can automate mundane tasks, enhance decision-making processes, and bolster cybersecurity measures, there was a consensus that careful oversight and ethical considerations are essential.

During the NS3 conference, intriguing conversations unfolded about the future of AI within the title industry. The primary focus centered around predictive analytics, machine learning, and the ethical implications associated with their implementation. This highlighted the industry’s recognition of the importance of striking a balance between leveraging the benefits of AI and ensuring responsible and ethical use to maintain public trust.


At the conference, the importance of implementing multiple layers of security was emphasized by all attendees, as it became evident that relying solely on unsubstantiated solutions could be detrimental to companies. In an era of growing digitalization within the title industry, safeguarding transactions and preserving sensitive information has reached unprecedented levels of significance.

Panel discussions extensively covered the latest cybersecurity threats, focusing on their potential impact on compliance and the implications they carry for insurance renewals. The unanimous agreement among participants was that a comprehensive and proactive cybersecurity strategy is no longer a choice but an absolute necessity within the title industry.

The conference served as a stark reminder that blindly adopting security measures without proper research and evaluation could result in detrimental consequences, including financial loss and reputational damage. Therefore, industry professionals must exercise caution, thoroughly researching and vetting security solutions to ensure the utmost protection for their companies and stakeholders.

Will We See You at the Next NS3 Conference?

Overall, the NS3 conference served as an excellent platform for industry stakeholders to share knowledge, discuss pressing issues, and develop collaborative strategies for the future. The key takeaway was that as the industry evolves, incorporating new technologies, such as RTP and AI, and addressing risks, including wire fraud and cyber threats, will be essential for growth and resilience.


Our team thoroughly enjoyed the interactive panels and roundtable discussions this year. We can’t wait for the next NS3 conference! 

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