Achieving Reliability and Trust in IT: A Title Company’s Success Story

“I can’t say enough about them. It’s been a pleasure to work with the Premier One team.”

Jamie Kosofsky, Founding Partner of Brady & Kosofsky


In 2008, Jamie Kosofsky started the Brady & Kosofsky firm with his partner. Recognizing the need for enhanced IT support nine years down the road, Kosofsky initiated an RFP process. His quest also led him to Paul Bandiera, then-president of RamQuest, who recommended Premier One.

The RFP process confirmed Paul’s referral, and although Kosofsky had other contenders to consider, the professionalism and capabilities of the Premier One team ultimately swayed his decision. 2017 marked the beginning of a successful and trusted partnership.


Brady & Kosofsky faced a series of challenges that threatened their operations and business continuity. The firm was in the midst of a critical transition, moving from one title production software to another, which required a secure transfer of sensitive data.

Their data and the servers were also hard to manage and migrate – resulting in latency issues. The result was frequent misalignments and costly time spent troubleshooting servers and chasing reports of slowness.

Compounding this challenge was the aftermath of an on-premise fire in 2019 that necessitated an urgent server rebuild to maintain uninterrupted title services. Kosofsky’s entire business operation pivoted from three buildings to one totally different building in a short period.

Premier One emerged as a much-needed ally, ready to address these IT challenges and keep the business operations online at a critical moment.

Solutions: Industry-Wise Reliable IT Partner

“The biggest thing for me is that I don’t have to worry about our IT anymore. If something happens, they call me with a plan, and within a day it’s resolved.”

1. Rapid Response & Continuity Assurance

When a fire threatened to disrupt Brady & Kosofsky’s operations, Premier One’s swift action was critical. Within an hour of the crisis, Premier One assured the firm that their data was secure and operations could resume the next day.

Despite handling 200-300 closings a day, not a single one was missed, thanks to Premier One’s commitment to working through the July 4th holiday night to ensure continuity. This dedication not only safeguarded the firm’s operations but also protected the trust of its clients.

2. Tailored Security & Compliance Expertise

Brady & Kosofsky also needed customized security and compliance solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Premier One’s managed IT services, including cloud security and communications systems, were pivotal in the firm achieving its second SOC 2 certification. This is a testament to both party’s high standards of security and data protection.

Premier One’s approach was focused on optimizing the firm’s current security infrastructure. This ensured that every measure was perfectly aligned with the firm’s needs and existing protocols so that they were handled right up to the final steps of the audit – which were then completed by Kosofsky.

3. Proactive Planning & Fraud Threat Mitigation

Premier One’s forward-thinking strategy was crucial when the unexpected struck. When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, Brady & Kosofsky were prepared thanks to the disaster recovery and business continuity plans already in place from the previous fire incident.

After a quick plan to install proactive measures was completed, including home Internet security solutions and real-time threat warnings, the firm was barely interrupted in its already remote operations. This allowed them to provide their clients the same service they had come to expect from the legendary firm.

Kosofsky would also receive real-time phone calls and emails from the Premier One team when other title IT support companies or major financial companies were compromised. This helped him stay in the industry loop while keeping his clients secure.

“Premier One means business! We can always count on our systems to work, and I’m comfortable knowing that they are always monitoring the title industry.”

With Premier One at their side, the firm’s vigilance and preemptive planning also ensured that potential cybersecurity threats, like phishing attempts, were neutralized before they could cause harm.

Results: Complete Trust From a Long, Successful Partnership

The frequent disruptions became a thing of the past, allowing Brady & Kosofsky to focus on what they do best: providing excellent real estate solutions. And their founding partner, not an IT expert by his own admission, no longer has to deal with day-to-day IT stresses.

Through a fire and a global pandemic, Kosofsky knew he could trust and rely on the Premier One team to have his back.

If you’re interested in earning complete peace of mind with your IT, learn more about our title company services.

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