Qualia Software Reviews: What Title Companies Are Saying In 2024

If you’re a title company, there’s a chance you’re using a software system for real estate transactions. But you’re likely not taking advantage of all of its features. That’s nothing to be ashamed of – it’s just how this industry works. It’s fast-paced and traditional, and title transactions have been done a certain way for a long time.

To push beyond these trappings of “the way things are,” it’s vital for title companies to push how they use technology forward in order to keep up with the increasing demands of the market. The title insurance industry market is projected to reach over $20 billion by 2027 – is your title insurance company keeping up?

One way to get ahead of the competition is to upgrade how you use your title closing software.  For those who use Qualia, we have created this article to showcase what the title industry has been saying about it. If you use SoftPro instead, read this article.

Qualia is one of the leaders in the title production software industry. It’s a highly acclaimed
real estate platform that’s helped transform how title companies and real estate professionals operate.

Qualia’s Advantages

Before we get into the reviews, let’s take a look at the overall advantages of Qualia. Its software can significantly help push through the growing and evolving demands of the title insurance industry.

Here are some key benefits of Qualia

  • Qualia Connect: The cloud-based communication speeds up the closing process. The setup helps collaboration, making sure all parties stay informed throughout the transaction.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Complex tasks are made easier by a simple interface design with the end-user in mind.
  • All-in-One Platform: Integrates all transaction stages, helpling avoid getting hung up on annoying data entry obstacles.
  • Robust Document Management: Provides secure and smooth trade-offs of sensitive files and lender data.
  • Automated Processes: Saves time by automating routine tasks, which can boost overall productivity for your title company.
  • Adaptable to Business Size: Is your team big? Small? In-between? Qualia Core scales to any size, catering to both small firms and large title companies.

These qualities show why Qualia has become a leading software in the industry. It’s one of the top choices for many of our clients. It’s a progressive, cloud-based software that can meet the needs of the modern real estate industry.

Common Challenges with Qualia’s Software

Of course, no title software is perfect. Despite the many strengths of Qualia, users do report these IT support challenges which are important to consider.

  • Client Adaptation: Some clients resist transitioning to Qualia’s Connect features, preferring traditional communication methods.
  • Frequent Updates: Regular updates, while beneficial, can sometimes disrupt workflow or affect other features unexpectedly.
  • Training Resources: New users usually need training on Qualia’s real estate software, particularly for admin and reconciliation aspects.
  • Specific Functionality Issues: Minor difficulties, like manual adjustments in settlement statements, can arise.


It’s worth noting that these challenges are more about messaging with clients rather than the actual software. With the right Qualia IT support, you can easily navigate them and focus on what you do best.

Qualia Software Reviews and Feedback for 2024

As a pivotal tool, Qualia generates strong opinions and critical reviews from its users. To grasp the current standing of Qualia in the market, we’ve researched a variety of reviews and testimonials. Hopefully, this provides you with valuable information on Qualia, its benefits, its drawbacks, and what the best uses are

On the Benefits of Qualia Connect: 

“Our organization is constantly evaluating ways to improve our efficiency. Qualia Connect has been a big part of why we are the market leader in technology in the State of Oklahoma. Qualia Connect features provide our organization with the automation and digital closing experience that is expected from today’s buyers, sellers, agents, and lenders.”

– Jayme B, Escrow and Business Development

On Communication: 

“[Qualia is] Great! Also taking in our input and changing or applying – Qualia actually listens. I get so many good reviews for communication and knowing the status of the file.”

– Justine T., Escrow Officer

On Streamlining Workflows: 

“Many of our workflows had such elaborate decision trees that I was having a hard time remembering where something was located if I needed to make a change. We took this opportunity to take a lot of tasks out of our workflows because we knew some of them weren’t necessary.”

– Jennifer Mason Halsted, President of Universal Title

On Productivity:

“Our productivity has increased and we are able to accommodate higher volumes of closings with more ease. Qualia is incredibly easy to use. It’s versatile and certain sections of it are customizable. We love the workflows, internal and external messaging features, document storage and the fact that it is SECURELY cloud-based.”

Gricel R. C., Insurance

On the Evolving Real Estate Industry: 

“A fresh approach to an outdated profession. I could not be happier with the experience. It’s a platform focused on ease of use for both administrators and users. A perfect fit for those who have tried (and struggled) with other programs, due to a lack of partner integrations. When I left my previous position at a larger title firm two years ago, Qualia was the platform we elected to move forward with and it has been a fantastic decision. The system’s ease of use is second to none, and a great starting point for those wanting to utilize a small office.”

Mitchell J., Real Estate Director

On User-Friendliness: 

“[Qualia Core is] Very user-friendly and much easier to navigate through the information. I love the on-line real-time [features] so that as soon as you enter data it is there and populates where it should. Lots of features that can be incorporated and merged in.”

Patsy S., Paralegal

How We Cover Your Qualia Software IT Support Needs

To tap into the full potential of Qualia, we’re here to help. We pride ourselves on delivering a superior Qualia experience focused on optimization and training.

Our goal is simple: make sure our clients get the most out of the software they pay for.

It goes beyond basic troubleshooting. It’s about understanding problems and knowing how to prevent them before they start. Our in-depth training ensures your team members become masters of Qualia Connect’s functionalities. We tailor our support to meet each client’s unique needs and requirements

For serious issues, we talk to Qualia directly for you. The last thing on your mind should be troubleshooting your own software. Let us handle that, and you handle your closing processes.

Let’s talk about your title production software goals and objectives, and we’ll figure out how to meet them. Your title company deserves it.

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