Recent Mass Ransomware Attack – Premier One Clients Unaffected

On Friday, July 2, an unprecedented and extremely sophisticated supply chain attack was launched against a popular systems management software called Kaseya VSA. Security analysts suspect that more than 1000 organizations in over 17 countries were severely impacted. Premier One does not use Kaseya VSA in any capacity, so this attack had no effect on us or any of our clients. However, we have been monitoring this situation with an extremely close eye to ensure we understand what happened and how we can further harden our systems and yours against other types of attacks in the future.

For more information about this attack, please see this article:

With the growing number and complexity of attacks we have seen in recent months, Premier One wants to ensure your organization has the best possible defenses in place. We offer an advanced security bundle which can help reduce your risk exposure to these recent attacks. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or Contact Us.

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