Premier One Assists in Recovery Efforts

On Friday, July 16, a national cloud-hosting hosting provider to title and settlement companies went offline after being the target of a ransomware attack. As specialists in cloud infrastructure, Premier One has been instrumental in assisting businesses in their recovery efforts.

What we want existing Premier One clients to know:

  1. We have no reason to believe that Premier One or any of our clients are affected by this event.
  2. We have implemented many advanced security layers to protect Premier One from compromise.
  3. Premier One’s client IT assets are deployed in a distributed manner and are segregated, unique environments. They do not share resources.
  4. If clients have immediate concern, we are able to offer many of those same advanced security layers to our clients. To discuss this, contact your assigned Client Success Manager or email
  5. Premier One is taking part in the recovery effort alongside other industry partners including RamQuest, SoftPro, Resware, and Qualia.
  6. We remain committed to supporting our clients and the industry as a whole in this difficult time.


If your are not a Premier One client and have been affected by this attack, here is what to consider as you begin implementing your business continuity plan:

  1. Verify security posture and ensure there is not an active threat to their IT assets (if any are available).
  2. Restore email communications – with access to your domain registrar and DNS account (such as GoDaddy), this can be fairly quick utilizing Microsoft 365.
  3. Restore ability to process new orders – can accomplish this by obtaining a new instance of their production software on-premise or hosted with an available vendor (such as Premier One, OP2, SoftPro, or Qualia).
  4. Restoration of data (if available) – if data was backed up or if data becomes available.
  5. Contact your cyberinsurance provider and make sure they’re aware of this event and the potential for data breach.
  6. Initiate legal/compliance protocols – there are strict consumer reporting timelines in place which vary by state. Evaluating this immediately is critical to staying in compliance with those timelines. This is a great reference: United States Data Breach Regulations Lookup | CSR Privacy Solutions (
  7. Rebuild production processes and workflows – For many agents, the extensive customization to their production software will be lost. Best to begin rebuilding as soon as possible.


For more information about this attack, please see this article:
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With the growing number and complexity of attacks we have seen in recent months, Premier One wants to ensure your organization has the best possible defenses in place. We offer an advanced security bundle which can help reduce your risk exposure to these recent attacks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or Contact Us.

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