Using CloseSimple to Ensure Security and Efficiency in Your Title Transactions

Have you ever had a buyer or seller anxiously call, “Where are we in the process?” or “What’s the next step?” The flurry of emails, calls, and texts leaves everyone feeling lost. In a high-stakes transaction like real estate, uncertainty breeds frustration.

It’s crucial to instill confidence in clients throughout their transactions. Buyers and sellers are already navigating today’s turbulent housing market with uncertainty—the last thing they need is additional stress from a slow closing process.

Outdated software, manual processes, and scattered communication are among the ways inefficient use of technology can slow down closing processes. This often results in frustrated clients who feel left without answers.

This is where CloseSimple steps in. It simplifies closing for title insurance companies by automating notifications, enhancing workflow visibility, and securing the document exchange process. Use it to automate tedious processes so that you can focus on critical roles!

What Inspired the Creation of CloseSimple?

Endless emails and unanswered client calls make the closing process frustrating. All this noise creates a nagging sense that you might have overlooked critical details. As a result, you spend double the time responding to clients, checking paperwork, and signing documents.

The traditional closing process is filled with inefficiencies, and CloseSimple was born from a need to address them. It’s built upon these pillars:

  • Transparency Builds Client Trust: Client trust is the foundation of your success. Vendors, homebuyers, and agents need you to answer them almost immediately. However, CloseSimple understands you can’t stand by for messages 24/7. To help lighten your daily workload, it will deliver automated updates with real-time progress tracking. This fosters peace of mind for clients and reduces excessive inquiries.
  • Streamlined Communication for Efficiency: CloseSimple knows first-hand that communication overload impedes productivity. Just texting back clients could waste so much time. An on-demand portal can replace lengthy calls and back-and-forth emails. This reduces downtime while maintaining open communication.
  • Automation for Team Empowerment: CloseSimple is designed to enhance efficiency by eliminating repetitive processes. Rather than spending time on routine work (e.g., process updates and document exchange), help them focus on more complex issues that demand their expertise.


Did you know that the average working adult spends about two hours every day preparing files and documents for work? With CloseSimple, you no longer need to waste that 25 percent of your workday. Automation enhances productivity and smooths the client closing process.

Enhance Your Closing Process with CloseSimple

CloseSimple offers targeted solutions in three key areas to transform your workflow. Discover how it boosts efficiency, strengthens communication, and reinforces security throughout the closing process.

1. Automation and Efficiency

CloseSimple prioritizes simplicity and integration. It automates routine tasks such as status updates, document exchanges, paperwork signing, and data sharing. What’s more, is that users rarely log in for these processes. These are automated and triggered on the back end—just give us the go signal.

“Realtors can open up their portal, they can see all their closings with WACO … they can take that guesswork out.”

– Emma Bridwell at WACO Title

CloseSimple meets the current tech needs of your title or escrow company. It integrates directly with SoftPro, RamQuest, ResWare, and GreenFolders, melding seamlessly into existing workflows. You can accelerate your closing processes without overhauling your existing workflows.

2. Improved Communication

CloseSimple fosters open communication by sending automated, branded updates directly from your domain. Clients, agents, lenders, and attorneys get timely text updates and visual progress reports via the Pizza Tracker for Title™.

Customization ensures these updates align with your brand’s look and feel, down to your logo and milestones. The goal is to offload redundant inquiries. Streamline your inbox to focus on complex messages over routine status updates.

3. Enhanced Security

CloseSimple prioritizes the security of your transactions and client PII. The platform follows rigorous SOC2 compliance standards. It also offers robust organizational access controls for enhanced protection. You can rest assured that every document signed on the platform is encrypted.

CloseSimple features a secure portal for wiring instructions to help deter fraud in high-ticket deals. It provides regular updates and detailed instructions to help first-time buyers learn how to safeguard their information.

The Pizza Tracker for Title™

Forget endless status update requests. CloseSimple introduces the Pizza Tracker for Title™ to revolutionize the closing process. Inspired by the convenience of pizza delivery apps, this visual tool provides real-time updates for buyers, sellers, agents, and lenders. You can tailor the tracker to match your specific workflow for a personalized experience for all parties involved.

“If someone can track the status of their $10 pizza, they should also know the status of their $500k home closing.”

– Paul Stine, CEO, CloseSimple

Along with automated text and email updates, the Pizza Tracker fosters transparency and trust—all within CloseSimple’s secure platform. This enhanced communication streamlines the process and empowers your team to focus on core tasks.

Discover the CloseSimple Approach

CloseSimple doesn’t just streamline closing—it transforms the entire experience for buyers and sellers alike. Title and escrow companies can consolidate various workflows into a single app. This allows you to foster open communication, reduce back-and-forth emails, simplify document e-signing, and provide real-time updates on processes. That way, you can free up your day and focus on more critical roles.

With Premier One and CloseSimple as your trusted resources, we’ll help you streamline your title company’s IT infrastructure, enhance your closing process, and boost productivity ratings. Learn more about CloseSimple today!

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