The FAQ for RamQuest Support in 2023 & Beyond

RamQuest specializes in their title and settlement production software suite for the real estate title industry. Their software solutions are tailored to automate and streamline various aspects of the title and settlement process, including:

  • End-to-end escrow workflows
  • Automation of repetitive closing tasks
  • Adherence to title regulatory requirements
  • Document generation and management

RamQuest is the only service provider recognized as an Elite Provider by the American Land Title Association (ALTA). It has maintained that status since 2015! However, as new or older title professionals navigate the intricacies of RamQuest software, some parts of the platform might not be intuitive. 

That’s why we’ve put together this FAQ-styled article – to help answer any RamQuest support questions you may have.

Frequently Experienced Troubleshooting Questions and Solutions

Our team at Premier One stands as a trusted partner and alternative support provider for RamQuest. With a deep understanding of RamQuest and a commitment to addressing RamQuest support needs, our goal is to optimize your experience.

Here are some of our most commonly experienced situations, questions, and their easy solutions when navigating RamQuest:

1. How Can I Fix My Printing Issues in RamQuest?

Printing problems can arise due to the printers intermittently not appearing in RamQuest. Premier One, a trusted partner, has thoroughly investigated this issue with RamQuest support.

We’ve found that the issue often lies in the compatibility and communication between RamQuest and your local printer’s system.

To address this, Premier One recommends installing a print service broker platform such as Azure print services or TSPrint. These solutions act as an intermediary between RamQuest and the local printer. The reliable connection resolves the intermittent appearance of printers and improves printing functionality.

Keep in mind that if you don’t wait for the printer to load up before you open RamQuest, RamQuest can’t process that. You MUST close everything, reload, and then you should be able to print.

2. How Do New Operating Systems Affect RamQuest’s Display System?

When transitioning to a new operating system, RamQuest may encounter display system errors that impact the user experience. The new operating system can introduce compatibility issues that affect changes in screen size, resolutions, or display settings.

These can distort the layouts or delete elements on your screen. Basically, RamQuest is not sure how to shrink your screen size.

In collaboration with RamQuest Support, Premier One has developed a backend understanding of RamQuest’s display system. We’ve got accessing and modifying the Windows registry down to a science. This means we can go into your registry and reliably deliver the correct screen displays across new operating systems.

Tip: Remember to update your RamQuest software and then fully restart the program when needed!

3. How Can I Adjust User Permissions in RamQuest?

User adjustments in RamQuest can be challenging to title company users, particularly when employees change positions or leave the organization. Managing user rights effectively maintains data security and prevents unauthorized actions. Without this, a user could compromise the integrity of your title production system.

A Ramquest super user can access CC Supervisor to implement appropriate user rights and permissions based on new roles. We work closely with clients to configure the system, granting or revoking access to specific functions and data. Our expertise minimizes the risk of granting excessive privileges and ensures user rights align with appropriate job responsibilities.

4. Why Can’t I Find My RamQuest Pop-Up Screen?

Pop-up screen issues in RamQuest can create confusion for users, as the pop-up window may appear behind documents. This can lead users to believe their system is locked up. When our clients encounter this situation, they may assume their computer froze and take drastic measures, such as shutting down the computer.

The solution is pretty simple and doesn’t require you to lose your progress. If you’re experiencing this issue, right-click on the taskbar, which brings up the task manager. Then, end the RamQuest task. This action effectively closes the unresponsive window that was hiding behind the main document or page.

5. How Can I Get the Most Out of RamQuest?

RamQuest is a powerful title and settlement production software. Still, it’s a large database that comes with a learning curve. In our years of collaboration, Premier One has become somewhat of a RamQuest Support alternative to help with some common issues.

Streamline Workflow and Save Time

RamQuest can house an extensive digital library, with some libraries reaching more than 600 documents. The nature of RamQuest’s database can occasionally result in slower operations, causing certain tasks to be time-consuming. Creating field-specific document templates additionally reduces the time required for document generation!

Speed Up the Database

Implementing database maintenance standards such as database statistics and index maintenance, database integrity checks, and after-hours database backup schedules can significantly improve the performance of your RamQuest environment for all employees.

Organize Your Document Library

Clients can find it challenging to navigate through their vast collection of RamQuest’s library. With hundreds of documents to handle during closing or escrow processes, it’s essential to have a system in place to organize and access them.

If you contact our team and explain the issue, we can offer guidance on how to organize and categorize your document library. By implementing best practices for structuring document repositories, you can easily locate and access the necessary forms faster.

Simplify Data Entry

RamQuest’s requirements to fill in numerous fields are necessary for accurate title company and insurance processes. However, this is time-consuming and often includes a human based error. 

To reduce these issues, there are solutions to streamline data entry, including data templates, auto-population features, and intelligent field mapping.

These tools simplify the process by automatically populating common fields, reducing the likelihood of errors. 

Tip: If incorrect documents are generated in RamQuest, it’s critical to review the entire document. Paying close attention to punctuation, formatting, and the accuracy of the data entered into specific fields. Oftentimes, users will find a symbol at the end of a number causing the form to create an error.

The Dashboard is a Closer Hero

RamQuest’s dashboard tool can provide significant value to title insurance companies by offering a centralized platform for managing and tracking tasks throughout the title settlement process. 

The tool acts as a visual representation of the workflow. The dashboard allows for improved efficiency and collaboration within your team. The tool helps ensure that each task is assigned to the appropriate person and can be easily tracked. 

This reduces the chances of delays or missed deadlines. It also provides transparency, as managers monitor progress and allocate resources.

If you’re not using it, we highly recommend it!

All of Your RamQuest Support Questions, Answered

As clients navigate the intricacies of RamQuest software, Premier One has emerged as a valuable resource. We offer expertise and quick fixes to address common paint points. 

We serve as an extension of RamQuest’s support team, providing timely assistance and custom support. For example, our developers can help you integrate other software into RamQuest, like Epicor.

Whether resolving printing issues, managing user permissions, or saving you time, Premier One is equipped to answer your RamQuest support questions. We hope this FAQ guide provides valuable insights!

If you haven’t found a solution to your specific issues, we encourage you to contact our team for personalized support. Having supported RamQuest environments for over 30 years, Premier One offers IT support backed by extensive experience. If we can’t solve your issue, we’ll escalate it on your behalf so that you can focus on what is most important in your day.

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