The Four Types of IT Departments

Small and medium businesses struggle with IT all the time. Generally there are four IT Departments that most companies have.

Situation Number 1: The Square Peg in a Round Hole

This situation is what happens when some guy in accounting once said he was pretty good with computers and ended up stuck as the new IT department. This situation works for a while but if the company grows we all know this guy is screwed. The boss doesn’t want to hire someone new because an actual IT person would require a real salary and that is unacceptable.

Situation Number 2: The Entrenched

This is the situation when you have the old persistently angry IT guy who only programs in COBOL and Assembly. They won’t upgrade from Windows 2000 because it’s the most stable thing in existence. He’s also the only one who knows how anything works and probably has the server room booby trapped just like back in ‘nam. Everyone is afraid to fire him because they are sure no one else would have any idea how to fix anything that goes wrong.

Situation Number 3: The Work in Progress

This is usually someone who lucked into the job. They probably know the boss and can’t be fired, or they over exaggerated on their resume. They spend half the day googling error messages and the other half the day playing call of duty over the LAN. People are always asking for their help to which they reply “I’m working on it”.

Situation Number 4: Why Do We Have an IT Department?

IT so good people forget it’s even there. Updates and maintenance done at night, minimal downtime, fast internet. No complaints. So why do we need an IT Department? We never have any IT problems everything works great I don’t know why we pay those guys. Why don’t we eliminate them and we can all get raises? The boss agrees and two weeks later something breaks, everyone freaks out. What are we going to do? Bob from accounting steps forward, “You know I’m actually pretty good with computers.”

What if there was another way?

While many of us will find these situations humorous and relatable to an extent there is truth in each one. No IT department is perfect, but IT is so integrated into the way we do business there is no escaping it. Every company needs a good IT department but not every company has a good IT department budget, or maybe one person is more than enough to handle their needs. What if there was an easy solution where you could have a good IT department at a price you can afford that also scales with your company’s needs? That’s what outsourced IT is. Premier One provides quality IT service to your company at a reasonable price. We can grow with your ever changing needs and let you stop worrying about IT and focus more on growing your business.

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