The Short Title Company Guide to Qualia IT Support

Title companies and real estate agents are continually grappling with the complex world of property laws, title defects, and fraud risks. At the same time, they strive to ensure that transactions remain fast and secure in our modern, digital-first real estate market.

Amid these challenges, Qualia stands out as a leading digital real estate closing platform. It offers a powerful cloud-based software that streamlines the closing experience, provides easy document management, and helps users stay organized and compliant with loans, deposits, and more.

However, even with Qualia’s advanced capabilities, you may occasionally bump into issues or uncertainties you cannot immediately resolve.

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide – to tackle the most frequent Qualia IT support questions and troubleshooting issues you might face. Let’s dive into the most common questions we get about Qualia.

#1: What’s Different about Qualia From Other Title Production Software Platforms?

Your Qualia account opens the door to extensive configuration possibilities, allowing you to tailor your workflow from start to finish. It simplifies transaction management at its core, providing you with the means to monitor and execute each step of a deal effectively.

And, because Qualia is a cloud-based platform, it can offer more flexibility and scalability beyond traditionally hosted solutions like SoftPro and RamQuest

Within the platform, the document management system organizes, stores, and retrieves documents. Its financial tools ensure transparency and traceability for deposits, loans, and receipts.

Another key aspect of Qualia is that the platform charges on a per-transaction basis – rather than purchasing an annual user license. Think of this in terms of Photoshop’s older purchasing model. Users used to buy Photoshop outright with maintenance for a period of time, but then eventually they would have to buy it again. 

Now, that’s no longer possible as they solely focus on subscriptions. Just like Photoshop, Qualia is on a subscription-type basis per transaction or per file. No one else in the industry has offered this yet!

#2. What Can Be Customized in Qualia?

Many title professionals might not know this, but you can personalize your title workflows. You only need to take the initial time to set it up, then you can reap the benefits. Here are some common examples:

Document Creation: Qualia provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily create documents without the need for coding knowledge. You can leverage familiar tools like Microsoft Word to create customized documents tailored to their specific needs.

Extensive Document Library: You can use unique naming conventions to make searching for files easy. Qualia also offers an extensive library of documents. This library includes a wide range of templates and forms that you can filter, making it convenient to find necessary documents quickly.

Report Generation: While not every field may be reportable, you can explore and experiment to obtain the desired information. Reports can provide insights into order volumes, specific clients, financial balances, and more. You can get reports of accounts with positive or negative balances, identify disbursements that haven’t cleared the bank, and provide other financial insights.

#3: How Do I Automate Certain Workflows With Qualia IT Support?

Qualia’s dynamic workflow tool allows for easy automation once it’s set up. Take, for instance, the receipt of a new order. With Qualia, the system can intuitively generate and dispatch an information request for any absent details. 

While everyone requests this, it usually looks different state by state. This automated workflow can be customized to include each state’s unique information requests to save you the time of filling it in. 

All title software have workflow features to them, but they all take configuration to set up. Once this is completed, it allows your title company to handle more orders without adding headcount. 

Need help automating Qualia? Premier One can help you leverage your title production software to its full potential. Our Qualia IT support team has the experience to guide you through setting up automation and other customized workflows to help you work faster.

#4: Is Qualia Secure Enough for Sensitive Real Estate Transactions?

The short answer here is yes. While emails remain a potential vulnerability for sensitive real estate transactions, Qualia offers a secure alternative.

They have a secure portal called Qualia Connect, and it’s secure with Multi-Factor Authentication. This is on by default.

But their unique-ness is not just that they have a secure portal. Qualia’s security is different from other title production software because the security of Qualia is the responsibility of the provider (Qualia), rather than your responsibility.

For example, with RamQuest or SoftPro, you install the software on your own servers and you must to secure those servers. But you don’t install Qualia as it’s web-based, and so Qualia  handles the security of their database and your data on their side. 

All you are responsible for is making sure your account stays secure with Multi-Factor Authentication!

From tracking progress to signing crucial documents, Qualia Connect offers security and convenience, making it an indispensable tool for modern real estate transactions. If you have an IT managed provider to ensure your emails and network are secure, Qualia’s security should not be a problem.

#5: Can I Manually Save and Undo My Edits in Qualia Files?

The short answer is no. Qualia has a modern user interface that operates in real-time. This guarantees that any modification is instantly showcased to all relevant parties. Because Qualia is 100% live, there is no save button or pop up that says, “Do you want to save your changes?”

For example, if there are two people working in a file, one field change will be seen immediately by both people. You can’t control-Z to undo your changes, as there is no version control, backups, or warnings.

However, if you create different versions of the same documents, you get a clean document to edit. But once you change it, it’s changed. Qualia keeps the history on the file but it’s not a field by field history, so you can see who was in the file at a certain time, but Qualia does not log the actual changes.

#6: What Does “Post” Mean When I’m Creating Disbursements?

When money is involved, any mistake can be nerve-wracking. We’ve found that many title professionals are unsure what Qualia’s ‘Post’ button means. When you’re creating disbursements, that button equals you cutting a check. 

#7: Is It Necessary to Update Qualia Regularly?

Updating is not necessary. Qualia rolls out updates every two weeks, taking the hassle out of manual updates. Each of these updates is accompanied by concise, yet informative, release notes that give users a quick overview.

When you log into the system, you might see a prompt notifying you of a “New update available!”

It’s easy to overlook these notifications in the hustle and bustle of daily real estate transactions. That’s why Qualia also provides the convenience of reviewing past releases, even ones from several weeks ago, ensuring you stay informed and don’t miss out on any crucial advancements. 

As Qualia IT support experts, we highly recommend you read the updates!

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