Updates on RamQuest’s Horizon: Interview with Lisa Dean

Complex regulatory requirements. Countless manual processes. Wire fraud risks. High customer expectations.

For title professionals, without the right preparation and tools, these variables run a risk of becoming a disaster. For instance, did you know that the end of 2023 saw the highest title fraud risk ever? More than half of the loans had at least one risk issue.

It’s clear that an average closing agent requires tools to navigate the time-consuming aspects of title processing. One solution has recently come onto the market. In October of 2023, RamQuest launched Horizon, a pioneering SaaS title production system built to streamline title and escrow processes.

To learn more about the platform and what it offers, we had a conversation with Lisa Dean, Product Manager at RamQuest. She guided us through common questions title agents pose about their technology needs, driving a clear understanding of what development requirements were needed in the creation of Horizon.

Let’s dig into her insights.

How Does RamQuest’s Horizon Approach Integrations?

Horizon provides over 140 integrations that allow their customers to streamline workflow and save valuable processing time. Users benefit from a cohesive environment where initiating orders, conducting E-Closings, accessing policy jackets, and processing remittances are all integrated within Horizon.

Is Horizon Secure?

Horizon’s security framework is engineered from the ground up to ensure that every transaction has a robust layer of protection with configurable hardware and multi-layered, state-of-the-art security. Protecting your data is part of the RamQuest promise.

A pillar of Horizon’s security is the automated verification services (AVS), which is an immediate verification of account names, routing, and bank account numbers. This flags potential issues with warnings, cautions, and verifications in real-time.

RamQuest also offers ready2close, a secure consumer-facing portal with Horizon. It’s an innovative element of the software that allows customers, buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals to access their orders, sign documents, view wire instructions, and track the status of their closings. Secure transactions, like those provided by Horizon, help bypass traditional, less secure methods.

”Everyone can securely access their orders, sign documents, and see their closings… It increases security confidence for all parties.”

– Lisa Dean

How Does Horizon’s Real-Time Dashboard Work?

One of the best features of Horizon is its real-time dashboard functionality. This dynamic feature is designed to provide a full view of all title transactions at a glance. It enables users to monitor and manage tasks with clarity, configurable to-do lists, and column and filter customizations.

Horizon is very configurable, allowing users to set up custom workflows that can trigger actions based on document attachments, item completions, and other system events. The dashboard displays real-time updates on file status, task ownership, and deadlines. These details foster a proactive work environment to address any process bottlenecks.

“You can see at any point on the dashboard where your work is, where your file is, and what needs to be done next. It’s a huge lifesaver.”

– Lisa Dean

What Type of Support Does Horizon Offer?

Choosing the right title production software is as much about the support as it is about the technology. That’s reflected in Horizon’s support resources, including built-in contextual tutorials designed to answer common questions, robust E-Learning resources, and a support team staffed with industry and technology knowledge.

RamQuest’s innovative approach to involving customers in solution development not only creates software that works towards continuous improvement, but also shows the dedication that RamQuest has to its user base.

RamQuest collaborates with its Horizon users through live sessions, design sessions, quarterly focus groups, and an online community called RamQuest Ideas. During these extensive sessions, users propose enhancements and vote on them, and then they are integrated into the Horizon roadmap.

“Our community feeds ideas to us, and then we build that idea in the roadmap. We’ll listen to their recommendations and how they want to do their workflows.”

– Lisa Dean

Horizon: Designed By Title Professionals For Title Professionals

Horizon offers a platform for efficiency, security, and adaptability which is the result of three decades of commitment to the title and escrow industry. The RamQuest team consists of title and escrow professionals who are inspired to create innovative software.

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your tools for your closing or escrow processes, Horizon is the solution. We’ve had over 30 years in the business of title and settlement service software production. Learn more about Horizon here!

Level Up Your Title Processes

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