The Best Title Production Software in 2023

In the title insurance industry, accurate records and efficient processes are vital. As an operator in the space, you know that the tools you and your team use can significantly influence your productivity and success.

At Premier One, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that specializes in supporting title insurance companies and their production software, we understand your unique challenges. With our expertise in title insurance software, we help our clients understand what tools can help them make the closing process better, faster, and more effective. Not to mention the importance and challenge of regulations that change state by state! 

As title insurance companies have distinct software requirements that are not typically met by generic applications, it can be a challenge to find the best one for your needs. Which title software will help you manage lender and seller records, reporting, and even reconciliations? 

To close that gap, we discuss the latest trends, reviews, and key differentiators of the major title product software platforms below. We’ll also highlight their third-party integration capabilities and why these platforms are the top choices for title professionals.

Understanding the Major Title Production Software Platforms

Our team supports industry software solutions of all kinds – helping our clients get the most they possibly can out of these various platforms. Let’s dig into SoftPro, Qualia, RamQuest, and ResWare.


SoftPro is a title production software platform favored by many title companies – and there’s a reason it’s one of the industry’s leaders. It’s an innovative platform that helps title production become a more streamlined, cost-effective, and flexible operation. 

The basis of how it works is that your data is only entered once before it is carried throughout the entire SoftPro application. Further, the closing, title, and escrow software solution can be designed to your specific needs. It does this by utilizing automation to eliminate repetitive tasks and bottlenecks while improving accountability. 

Some of the advantages of SoftPro include the following: 

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Process automation
  • Integrated partners
  • Simplified accounting
  • Remote work friendly

In terms of
pricing, you can build a product suite that’s best for you with a variety of modules for your specific needs. Learn how you can deal with common issues and solve them in this article.

“The [SoftPro] program has enhanced staff productivity to meet the demanding needs of the real estate closing world.”

Landon Dunn of Landon A. Dunn Law Firm, on using SoftPro


Qualia is the first cloud-native production software on the market, known for simplifying the title process and improving the closing experience. It empowers users with efficient document management features, helping teams with loans, deposits, and more. Some users report a 75% reduction in workload due to Qualia.

Further, it’s hosted in its own system and works quite well right out of the box. The cloud-based architecture helps its scalability and flexibility. Some of the best advantages of Qualia include the following: 

  • Per-transaction pricing model
  • Flexibility and cost efficiency 
  • Customization of reports for key metrics 
  • Automation for information requests 
  • Custom secure portal known as Qualia Connect

In terms of
pricing, it depends on your specific needs. You can tailor Qualia based on what you want to get out of Qualia. And like any software, sometimes there are IT challenges. Learn how you can get the most out of Qualia!

“I can’t say enough about [Qualia] Connect and the benefits of having it at our fingertips. It’s really allowed us to stay not only relevant but ahead of the curve.”

Debbie Brooks, Vice President of Prominent Title, on using Qualia


RamQuest provides a comprehensive title and settlement production software suite designed exclusively for the real estate title industry. Their software solution caters to the automation and streamlining of diverse aspects of the title and settlement process. 

Some of the best advantages of RamQuest include the following:

  • Manage end-to-end escrow workflows
  • Automate repetitive closing tasks
  • eClosing capability
  • Ensure adherence to title regulatory requirements 
  • Generate documents and management

Further, RamQuest itself is a thought leader in the title and settlement industry – not simply a software program. This speaks to their quality, and they showcase it through their podcast called
Commitment Matters – exploring subjects ranging from tech to advocacy and beyond.

For pricing, the specifics depend on your needs. Contact their team to get an understanding and suite designed for you. At Premier One, we’re ready to answer any questions you might have about RamQuest and how it works with your IT. 

In fact, we’ve already created an FAQ about RamQuest software for you to reference!

“The [RamQuest] SIGNiX / Closing Market integration enables us to offer remote online notarization closings using our own Notary, and it provides a more efficient means for our team members to schedule and set up the closing!”

Rose Moshier, Chief Compliance Officer of ATA National Title Group, on using RamQuest


While ResWare was acquired by Qualia, it is still being developed and used by title companies. 

That’s why ResWare is still a viable option for many users. From our perspective at Premier One, we never want tech to be a pain point for our partners. We support ResWare just as we always have, before and after its acquisition by Qualia.

In terms of benefits, ResWare offers the following: 

  • Title & escrow production 
  • Document management 
  • Automated communication 
  • Escrow accounting
  • User support

Depending on your needs, the
pricing of the ResWare software can be customized.

With these three software explained, it’s time for you to decide if you want to change your title software, or maybe upgrade it for more efficiency.

Title Production Software and the Power of Automation

Title production software has seen significant evolution in recent years. In particular, title professionals are utilizing automation with platforms like Alanna AI and Areal AI as they realize how important technology is to their efficiency.

That’s a reflection of overall business trends as well. According to the Harvard Business Review, automation is one of the pillars of the growth of tomorrow’s business world. (And Forbes agrees!) 

“Automation reduces the repetitive and monotonous tasks humans have to do by relegating those tasks to software, which usually means a better experience for customers, reduced error rates, improved compliance, and lower stress for teams.”

Juan Perez, via Harvard Business Review

Automation, when properly channeled, has the power to transform efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. 

By modernizing, migrating, or upgrading title software to embrace this technology, title professionals are staying ahead of industry trends. Modernizing your title production means capitalizing on automation’s power to streamline processes, eliminate redundancies, and enhance productivity.

But even if you want to use automation in your title software, you can’t get started until you know for sure the platform you are using is the best one for your needs. 

Empowering Technology: Find the Right Title Production Software for You

Technology is constantly evolving – and that can be intimidating as a business operator. It can even cause fear. Is the current platform you’re using today going to be acquired by another company, and become more and more obsolete? 

But fear not. Your business tech should not be a pain point, and our title production software experts are here to help. Our team is dedicated to providing close support for these title software platforms. We help our clients understand how to utilize their chosen software to the best of their ability.

Learn how we can help your title company reach the full potential of your title software today!

Level up your title processes - get started!

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