How to Choose the Right Cloud Hosting Dallas Provider for Your Business

Across all industries, there is a growing trend toward cloud migration for business. A key reason is that cloud infrastructure has become more mature, enabling businesses to scale their IT infrastructure as their needs change.

There’s been a drive for businesses to optimize their cloud technology, like Azure. For the title industry specifically, the slow-down in the 2023 housing market highlighted a need for title companies to become more agile, especially with their IT. Many are migrating their systems to the cloud to achieve this, if they haven’t already. But with so many cloud hosting solutions available, it can be challenging to know who would be the right Dallas provider for your business.

In this article, we help you navigate your current cloud providers and highlight key benefits that can help title companies and other businesses grow. Read on to learn what the cloud can do for your IT infrastructure and why cloud hosting is growing in popularity.

How Cloud Hosting Supports More Efficient Systems & Workflows

Title companies deal with large volumes of data, thus requiring efficient systems for processing. When aging systems are slow or problems result in downtime, it impacts the closure rate of deals. There are already multiple external factors that delay the closing process, title companies don’t want to add to that by having systems that don’t operate efficiently.

The challenge is that upgrading on site infrastructure can be a major cost. It is one of the reasons why companies are migrating to the cloud. The costs and downtime of system upgrades in the cloud are typically less. Cloud infrastructure is more agile and hosting solutions (like Azure) can be customized to a company’s specific needs – ultimately helping you be more efficient.

Title companies can benefit from having a partner provide local cloud hosting services in Dallas  to help with modernization of their IT infrastructure. In our digital-first age, customers expect efficient digital experiences, and system performance and reliability are an important part of this. 

If you already have a cloud hosting provider in Dallas, ask about or investigate their tech support stats, if they have them. It’s usually a good indication if it’s a cloud hosting provider worth considering.

A Snapshot of Premier One’s Monitored Tech & Cloud Support Stats: Visible on Our Homepage

A Snapshot of Premier One’s Monitored Tech & Cloud Support Stats: Visible on Our Homepage

Find a Cloud Hosting Provider in Dallas That Scales with Your Needs

Despite planning for growth, sometimes the industry and broader economic events require companies to scale back instead. This has been exactly the case for many title companies as the housing market continues to slow. The challenge is being able to scale back up quickly should circumstances change.

With the right cloud hosting provider you can easily manage more data, add or remove users and update passwords. Being able to react quickly is becoming increasingly important if companies want to remain competitive.

This agility extends to adoption of new cloud technologies and being able to easily integrate them with existing cloud systems. For example, take Azure with its many cost optimization strategies. Having multiple cloud technologies must be kept up to date to integrate with other cloud platforms.

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The Right Cloud Hosting Dallas Providers Improve Security

No company can afford to be complacent about cybersecurity. Criminals are no longer only targeting larger businesses. As far as they’re concerned, anyone is fair game and smaller companies, in particular, are easy targets.

The reason for this is that smaller companies don’t invest as much into cybersecurity because they don’t have the same budgets as larger companies. Even though this appears logical, the data held by smaller companies is equally valuable to criminals. Forcing companies to pay their ransom by shutting them out of their systems is a common strategy cyber criminals use – with often costly consequences.

There is value in having a cloud hosting provider that has the expertise to assess possible risks and determine if sufficient security measures are in place, especially one with a proven track record of maintaining high security standards. An example of this is to work with a Dallas IT provider that is Type 2 SOC 2 compliant

One of the major challenges for companies is that they don’t have the expertise to accurately identify the risks they’re exposing their clients to. They also overlook vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure due to not having broader cybersecurity knowledge and exposure.

A local cloud hosting provider such as Premier One has the expertise to help protect and optimize your title company security.

Are You Ready to Have Cloud Hosting Work for Your Business?

Adopting multiple cloud service providers is not just about following industry trends. It’s a way to ensure you remain competitive in the industry. Every small efficiency gained adds up, especially when it comes to daily operations. 

Working with a local cloud hosting Dallas provider makes it possible to build a relationship that supports your business goals. It means that you have support that not only understands cloud hosting, but also the dynamics of the local Dallas economy. 

Companies gain instant access to IT expertise at a more affordable rate compared to hiring in house. Plus, you benefit from more than one layer of security. And this is backed by broad security expertise, giving you more advanced security measures to combat cyberattacks. 

If you’re not sure where to start looking for a provider, Premier One is a MSP that has been serving companies since 1991. Our cloud hosting is a service designed to support businesses in our competitive modern world.

Technology has a lot to offer companies, but knowing how to find and leverage the best technology requires a human touch. This is where our team excels, with our focus on building strong relationships with our clients. We take the time to understand your specific business needs and then help you apply the right cloud hosting solutions that match your current needs. And this can adapt in future, scaling up or down as needed.

By 2027, more than 50% of companies will be using cloud services to not only support their operations, but also accelerate their business objectives. To be one of that majority requires partnering with a cloud hosting provider that understands your needs and priorities. A managed cloud hosting Dallas provider that can help you optimize to get the most value out of your cloud platform!

Find out how Premier One can help your title company make the most of your cloud hosting to become more agile, more efficient, and more competitive.

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