What to Expect With SoftPro Title Software in 2024

The title insurance industry continues to grow more and more, expanding at an average annual rate of 8.9% to $27.6 billion. Rates continue to rise, and that means the technology title professionals use needs to keep up.

Total title industry value and annual change from 2010-2028. Includes 5-year outlook.

Total title industry value and annual change from 2010-2028. Includes 5-year outlook.
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You likely know the most popular software platforms for title companies are Qualia, RamQuest, ResWare, and of course, SoftPro. Whether you’re using SoftPro or another platform, staying up to date on your closing software will help your company stay afloat amid the rapid industry growth.

Here, we break down what changes and advancements you can expect with SoftPro title software in 2024.

SoftPro is one of the biggest leaders in the competitive and evolving title closing space. It’s been a standard for years, and currently boasts over 60,000 users nationwide. Further, though, what helps SoftPro stay ahead is consistently adapting and evolving to new trends. And in an industry where precision, compliance, and organization are non-negotiable, a comprehensive title software solution is extremely valuable.

Understanding SoftPro Title Software’s Anticipated Features and Developments in 2024

In its current state, SoftPro provides dynamic features for the title insurance and real estate industries. Its innovations help users stay ahead of market trends and ensure they’re equipped with the most advanced tools possible. But as the calendar turns towards 2024, SoftPro will be updating its software with new developments.

They are introducing a suite of features that aim to improve efficiency and customization in the title and closing software industry. That’s vital in a modern world where efficiency is one of the most important factors for success.

What’s more is that these developments will be accessible by more people. Some of the functionality that was previously only available to agents with the program installed on-premises has been made available to agents on SoftPro’s hosted solution. This, alongside the functionality developments, are very exciting advancements.

Start preparing for the future of the title industry now. Let’s break down what’s about to happen in SoftPro title software.

Adding More Integrations

SoftPro is expected to enhance its integrated systems further, providing a cohesive platform for closing, title, and escrow production. This integration aims to ensure seamless operations, eliminating the need for disparate systems and reducing the potential for errors. Such a unified approach is crucial for improving your user experience.

The software is also set to improve its integration with underwriters and vendor partners, simplifying the ordering of products and services. This enhancement will likely streamline the collaboration between title companies, lenders, and their partners.

Advancements in Process Automation

A key focus for 2024 is on advancing process automation within SoftPro. By automating routine and manual tasks, SoftPro aims to elevate quality, consistency, and productivity for its users. This automation will extend across various aspects of the SoftPro title software, potentially transforming how title companies manage their workflows and handle transactions.

Customization and Scalability

Recognizing the diverse needs of its users, SoftPro plans to offer more customization and scalability options. Users can expect enhanced capabilities to design their own work areas, create custom closing templates, and configure data fields tailored to their specific requirements.

Such customization ensures that the software can scale alongside your business’ growth.

Secure Customer Communication Tools

SoftPro title software is anticipated to expand its secure, customizable transaction management tools. That will enable users to keep customers updated on closing files, manage orders, and exchange documents securely. This feature is crucial in maintaining transparency and building trust with your clients.

Flexibility in Closing

The software looks to expand its ability to manage both residential and commercial closings. This is vital for handling the diverse requirements in different types of property transactions. The development shows SoftPro’s commitment to providing solutions for a wide range of real estate closing scenarios.

Better Reporting and Analytics

With a focus on data-driven decision-making, SoftPro is expected to offer more reporting and analytics tools. This will provide your team with deeper insights into business operations. Informed decisions are the best decisions!

Continuous Maintenance and Updates

To ensure compliance and up-to-date functionality, SoftPro will continue to provide regular software upgrades and updates. This allows it to adapt to the latest industry regulations and ALTA best practices.

Consulting Services

SoftPro’s consulting services are expected to expand in size. This means that users can utilize the knowledge, advice, and recommendations from experienced SoftPro consultants. Users should be sure to tap this valuable resource.

How to Enhance Your SoftPro Title Software Experience

As SoftPro continues to evolve with new features and capabilities, our IT experts at Premier One play a crucial role. We help ensure that you get the maximum value from your title production software.

That’s why our approach to SoftPro IT support is focused on resolving issues and, more importantly, enhancing the overall software experience for our clients.

Expert Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution

Our experienced IT professionals provide guidance to resolve many SoftPro title software issues. They range from simple user errors to more complex system configuration or network connectivity issues.

Specific SoftPro Support and Maintenance

There are common challenges with SoftPro our team is ready to help with, such as the following:

  • Slowness and performance issues
  • File access and data integrity
  • System freezes and printing errors
  • Login and multi-factor authentication challenges
  • Integration issues 

Don’t hesitate to contact Premier One if you are facing any of these obstacles.

Rapid Response and Direct Support

As an elite support option for SoftPro, our team resolves most issues quickly. Our goal is to reduce downtime as much as possible for title companies.

And if necessary, we can escalate issues directly to SoftPro, meaning you don’t need to act as the middleman in support communications. This approach saves time and ensures a more efficient resolution process.

Get Up to Speed With SoftPro Title Software to Stay Ahead

SoftPro offers an integrated approach to title processing, combining advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces. With the combination of SoftPro’s advanced capabilities and the expert IT support from Premier One, your title company will harness its full potential.

That means you can focus on what you do best – closing real estate deals.

Learn about Premier One’s unique SoftPro title software support services today!

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