What People Are Saying About SoftPro Software

Did you know spending on cloud services is predicted to grow by 20%, or $678.8 billion in 2024? This means it’s vital for the title closing industry to ensure their technology and software are properly supported. SoftPro, as a leader in this domain, is directly impacted by these industry trends.

SoftPro is one of the leading title and closing software programs. It’s been established as an industry leader for years by facilitating seamless collaboration between title companies and lenders. Its significance is heightened in the context of the growing reliance on advanced technology in the sector.

managed IT service experts have been supporting and optimizing SoftPro software for our clients for years. As one of the standards of the industry, the program has a strong following – and one that’s not shy of opinions as the title industry adapts to newer technology.

To capture a sense of how the software is currently performing in the market, we’ve researched reviews and testimonies to understand its current impact. This inquiry is essential to align our services with the changing expectations in a market driven by new tech advancements.

SoftPro’s Advantages

Before we get into what people are saying about SoftPro software, let’s discuss the advantages of SoftPro. As the title insurance industry demands efficiency and accuracy, SoftPro provides significant help in these departments. That’s partly why it’s a go-to choice for many of our clients.

  • Digital Closing & Customer Acquisition: The bread and butter of SoftPro’s advantages is its ability to streamline digital closings and facilitate digital customer acquisition. The modern approach is crucial in an industry that is rapidly shifting towards online closing processes.
  • Order Management: From order placement to fulfillment, SoftPro provides an all-encompassing order management system. This feature allows for a simplified process that ensures every step – from property address input to the tracking of order completion – is managed well.
  • Robust Document Management: Obviously, handling documents is critical in title insurance. SoftPro enables you to save, print, and distribute important documents such as invoices and settlement statements.
  • Detailed Funding Disbursement Information: SoftPro provides detailed insights into the funding disbursement status, including lender details, mortgage amounts, and required validation documentation.
  • Effective Contact Management and Notifications: Managing contacts and staying updated on order statuses is made easier with SoftPro’s contact management features and timely notifications.

These qualities underscore SoftPro’s ability to provide high-level service to professionals in the title insurance industry. It offers solutions that align with the needs of modern real estate transactions.

Common Challenges with SoftPro

Of course, all software run into issues. Here are some common challenges that title professionals face when using SoftPro. (But remember, we can help you solve them!)

  • Software slowness
  • Locked files
  • Favorites queue disappearance
  • Printing connectivity and compatibility
  • Slight integration issues
  • PDF challenges

Understanding these challenges, which often come from
your own network, helps users know if SoftPro is the right fit for their title production needs.

SoftPro Software Reviews and Feedback

Due to the housing market trends and evolving technology, the title insurance industry is still forecasted to grow significantly over the next five years. That means competition, and to stay competitive, you must utilize the best programs for your title company.

With that in mind, how can you know how SoftPro stands in the eyes of other title professionals? What are real people’s real experiences with it on a daily basis?

Here’s what people are saying about SoftPro software and how it works in practice.

On User-Friendliness:

“SoftPro is the best tool I have available. The format of the program is user-friendly and allows access to virtually any form that I need to accommodate both my lenders and customers.”

Jane Yates, Morrilton Abstract Company

On Efficiency:

“One of the goals that SoftPro has helped Proper Title achieve is automation, meaning ‘easy, better, faster.’ Our customers are very happy because they’re getting their products faster and in a timely fashion.”

Kathy Kwak, Proper Title, LLC

On Design and Leadership:

“SoftPro is by far the most thorough, well-designed product available, and the software reflects the depth of industry knowledge and experience of the SoftPro staff. This leadership is what sets them apart as not just a software provider, but a trusted partner.”

Bill Blincoe, W. Blincoe Enterprises, Inc.

On Simplicity:

“SoftPro is extremely user-friendly. It makes processing so much quicker.”

Anonymous Verified User in Real Estate

On Customizability:

“Because SoftPro is so customizable, it presents opportunities at every level for nearly every kind of business in our industry. Such as – is it attorneys? Is it a law firm? Is it a title company? Either-or, you can customize the platform and create productivity and production.”

Lily Bergman from Goosmann Rose Colvard & Cramer, PA

How Premier One Covers Your SoftPro IT Support Needs

It might be boastful to say this, but truly no other IT company does what we do.

At Premier One, we offer elite IT support that serves our clients the best SoftPro experience. We focus on optimization, customization, and training to ensure you are getting everything you pay for in terms of utilizing SoftPro software.

With in-depth training and troubleshooting, we ensure that your team is not just familiar with SoftPro’s functionalities but also proficient in using them to their full potential. But of course, SoftPro IT support is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our team understands the needs of each client, providing customized solutions and tailored support that ensures you’re getting the most out of your title production software.

In complex situations, we escalate matters directly to SoftPro, saving you the hassle of being the middleman and making multiple calls.

Premiere One Is Your SoftPro Software Partner

Whether you’re at a title company or another part of the title industry, the best support happens long after the software is implemented. With continued analysis and optimization services for our clients, our team helps tap into all of SoftPro’s functionalities you may not be using.

We want our clients to be experts first – but know that unparalleled technical support is just a phone call away.

Want to learn how to get the most out of your SoftPro software? Let’s talk about how we can transform
how you use SoftPro.

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