Qualia or SoftPro: Find the Top Platform for Real Estate Closings

The technology you use is constantly evolving. These changes are influencing the title industry and the tools that support it. As such, the title industry is under pressure to evolve and keep up, even if it is at a slower pace compared to other industries. 

For example, how your title company closes today may not be how it closes in five years. This is coupled with the fact that real estate industry trends can be hard to predict in general. To stay ahead, title professionals must constantly optimize their strategies – and do so in an educated manner. 

For those in the real estate closing space, selecting the right title production software goes beyond personal preference. It’s important to pick the right platform to help you stay ahead in the title industry. Ultimately, it’s a strategic decision that can streamline your workflows, enhance compliance, and impact your bottom line.

Qualia Core and SoftPro are widely known as two of the leading platforms within the industry, and both offer their own unique benefits. Depending on your specific needs and how you approach industry best practices, your title company may choose one or the other.

At Premier One, we pride ourselves on being one of the very few IT managed service providers who bring specialized knowledge and support skills across these platforms. Further, we’ve supported our title clients since 1991. That wealth of experience offers perspectives to help other title companies make informed decisions.

So what is the top platform for real estate closings? Here, we take a closer look at the Qualia vs. SoftPro debate.

SoftPro: The Ever-Reliable Title Software

SoftPro is one of the leading title production software platforms, as it has evolved with the needs of the industry. Throughout the years, it’s helped make title companies more efficient – which is probably why it’s the choice of so many title companies. 

Need some SoftPro IT help? We’ve got you covered.

At its core, SoftPro is designed with the user in mind. Data entered into the system integrates throughout the entire application, eliminating the need for redundant data entry and reducing the margin for error. The platform is also customizable, allowing title companies to create solutions for their specific workflow. 

Some advantages of SoftPro are: 

  • Reduced Operating Costs: By automating repetitive tasks, SoftPro cuts down on manual data entry and time-intensive processes.
  • Process Automation: The software’s intelligent design automates your closing workflows, ensuring that tasks are completed with consistent accuracy. 
  • Integrated Partners: SoftPro boasts a network of integrated title partners, enhancing its capabilities while staying at the real estate technological forefront. 
  • Remote Work Friendly: The infrastructure supports remote work, allowing title professionals to collaborate with various parties from any location. 

“SoftPro allows us to focus on the customer service aspects of our job and not worry about the data collection, integration, dissemination, and storage.”

Michael Sherman, 8z Title

Qualia: The Scalable Platform with Digital Transformation

Qualia is a modern contender in the title software space. What makes it unique is its cloud-based ecosystem that’s both user-friendly and transparent. It works well straight out of the box. 

Further, the architecture of the software is built for scale and flexibility, which helps you scale your business up and down quickly with the ebb and flow of the market. Further, it improves efficiency through document management, automated communication, and streamlined workflows.

Here are some of the standout features that make Qualia a preferred choice for many professionals: 

  • Qualia Connect: A custom secure portal that facilitates seamless communication between all parties involved in the real estate closing process. 
  • Streamlined Document Management: Qualia simplifies the organization and handling of documents – critical for maintaining compliance and meeting tight deadlines. 
  • Per-Transaction Pricing Model: The unique pricing structure offers flexibility and cost efficiency, allowing businesses to scale as needed. 
  • Automation for Efficiency: Qualia significantly reduces workload through automation, as its users report up to a 75% reduction in manual tasks. 

“I’ve been in the real estate industry for 15 years now, and Qualia is definitely one of the easiest platforms to use – I started suggesting my agents check out Qualia right away.”

Lalani Gomez, Agency Account Manager

Comparing SoftPro or Qualia: What Is the Best Software for Your Company?

All of this is nice, but which should your title company choose? Different title insurance companies have different needs. Thinking beyond cybersecurity here, we help illustrate what to think about when looking at SoftPro or Qualia. 

Functionality and User Experience

SoftPro’s platform offers a depth of customization that is great for firms looking for a tailored experience. It’s a seasoned system with proven workflows that many have come to rely on. 

On the other hand, Qualia provides a more non-traditional experience with its cloud-based system, designed for immediate use in a web browser with minimal setup. This may appeal to those who prioritize quick deployment and accessibility.

Workflow Efficiency

Both platforms champion efficiency, but they approach it differently. SoftPro automates processes within their established system, but they require some initial configuration to align with your closing processes. 

Meanwhile, Qualia’s efficiency comes from its streamlined cloud-based operation, which can be advantageous for those looking to utilize a more modern cloud infrastructure

System Integration 

Integration capabilities are crucial for any modern title operation, no matter the platform. SoftPro’s long-standing presence in the industry has allowed it to build a broad network of partnerships for such integrations. 

On the other hand, Qualia, given it’s a bit newer, approaches integration from an innovative perspective through its cloud-based structure and a robust API, offering flexibility for their growing list of partners.

SoftPro vs. Qualia? Make the Decision That’s Right for You

No two title companies are identical, and the subtleties of your business will inform which software is best for your needs. Ultimately, the choice between SoftPro and QUalia may come down to your specific needs. 

Do you require a system that has been time-tested and can be finely tuned to your existing processes? SoftPro may be your go-to. Or, are you looking for a solution that offers modern cloud convenience? Then Qualia might be your match. 

To reiterate, to find the most optimal title production software for your needs, the debate of SoftPro vs. Qualia comes down to you. Our team at Premier One is here to guide you through this decision with our expertise.

Contact us today and we can help you decide which is better for you!

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